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I want to jump with Zulu International! When can I sign up?
Official information will be disseminated through our website and social platforms on the opening dates for our band house and website registration.

What do I need for costume registration?
For registration, you need the following:
Size Information (BRA SIZE – US SIZES ONLY)
Ladies: Correct Bra Size (e.g 34A, B, C), Correct Hipband Size (in inches)
Ladies: Bra Option (regular bra/wire bras (if offered) are only available up to Size 40DD)
Ladies: Head Piece option (if offered)
Men: Waist Size (in inches)

How much is the deposit for costumes?
The deposit required is as follows:
Female Frontline: $250 US
Female Backline: $175 US
Male Costumes: $150 US

I would like to jump in an individual costume – who do I contact?
Please email us at info@zuluinternationalinc.com or visit the band house for information on individual costumes.

Will the RunsOnM receipt will count as my official receipt of registration with the band?
Yes, your RunsOnM receipt is an official receipt. Please print and retain a copy for your records. Please print and bring along when collecting your costume.

Can I order extra pieces for my costume?
Unfortunately, we do not make or provide custom pieces for our costumes. This is to preserve the integrity of our designs and the overall appearance of the band on the road. Only the options made available per section are acceptable.

I wish to change the sizes I registered for my costume. How can I do this?
We have provided our sizing charts online and in the band house. Please review them carefully before providing your sizes and feel free to ask one of our team members to assist you with any questions you may have. We do not allow size changes after your registration has been processed.

Is my costume deposit refundable?
All costume deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Zulu Experience

What does my costume package include?

Your Zulu International experience includes the following:

  • Beautiful costume as pictured in our official photos
  • Costume goodie bag (cup, bandanas, sponsor items, Zulu International souvenirs)
  • Breakfast (prior to the jump)
  • Light Snacks (during the jump)
  • Full Lunch (after the jump)
  • Unlimited premium drinks on the road via our drink runners and drink trucks
  • Professional and friendly security
  • Clean toilet facilities
  • Free admission to our ‘Thank You’ fete
  • UNLIMITED FUN on the road!

What music is played on the road?
Zulu offers two music trucks with several DJs with different styles to appeal to every reveller.

Costume Collection

Can someone collect my costume on my behalf?
Yes, this individual must bring the following items with them:
1) Your original costume receipt
2) Signed letter by you authorizing the individual to collect the costume on your behalf
3) The individual must also provide his/her personal identification card proving he/she is indeed the authorized person as stated on the letter to conduct business on your behalf.
4) Pay any final monies owed on the balance of the costume.

I did not get a costume … Can I be placed on a waiting list?
Unfortunately Zulu International does not maintain a waiting list for costumes. However, costumes may be purchased from revellers who are no longer able to jump.

Will you resell any uncollected costumes?
Yes, all costumes not collected by closing hours on final date of collection, will be made available for purchase to all interested revelers on the next day from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The sales transaction will be done on a first come first served, cash and carry basis. Management reserves the right to suspend this process at any time.

What is the price for resale costumes?
The price for all costumes is the advertised price as noted on our website.

Will the band house be open the Sunday before Kadooment?
No, the band house will not be open on that day. This is to allow our extended team adequate time to provide you with a premium experience on Monday, Kadooment day.

When do I collect my costume?
The costume distribution schedule will be emailed to all revellers, posted to our website and advertised on our social media channels. Different sections will have different distribution dates. The final date of official costume distribution will be determined shortly, after which all uncollected costumes will be resold at management’s discretion.

I missed my collection date – what do I do?
You can collect your costume on any day after your designated date until (Date to be Confirmed), however priority is given to persons collecting on their designated day.

I’ve purchased a costume from a reveller. How do I transfer the costume to my name?
Zulu International does not facilitate costume transfers. Please ensure you receive a signed letter from the original costume owner, along with their original deposit receipt authorizing you to collect on their behalf.


When is my final payment due?
Please NOTE the dates for your final payment are based on your registration details.

Online Registration: All costumes must be paid in full by (Date to be Confirmed). Failure to comply may result in the loss of your registration with the band.

Band House Registration: Final Payment is due at the time of costume collection. Final Day for costume collection is (Date to be Confirmed). Failure to comply may result in the loss of your registration with the band.

Can I make partial payments towards my costume?
Yes, with the final payment due on or before (Date to be Confirmed) (online registrations) or (To be Confirmed) (band house registrations)

Do you accept payment via paypal?
No, payments via paypal are not accepted.

Will there be a debit/credit card machine available at the band house?
No, all deposits should be made in cash. Personal cheques will only be accepted at management’s discretion.

Kadooment Day

Where does the band meet?
The starting point is located at the National stadium. Look for the Zulu International feather banners and our breakfast station.

What time should we assemble at the stadium?
Revellers should assemble at 7 am.

Will breakfast be provided at the stadium?
Yes, a light breakfast will be provided to members of Zulu International

I have on my costume, why do I have to wear my wristband?
Your security band identifies you as a member of Zulu International 2019 and also provides you with all of the amenities covered under your costume package.

Please keep the band secure and do not remove the band unless requested.


Why is it important that I provide my email address at sign up?
Our 2019 band members will be given the option of priority registration in 2020. Your email address is required to facilitate this process. Additionally, your email address allows us to provide you with any updates with respect to costume collection and the band.

I signed up for one section, but now I have changed my mind. Can I switch sections?
No, sections changes will not be permitted.

Can my husband/wife/partner jump in the band?
Zulu International only allows paying revellers to jump in the band. Non-revellers may observe from the sidelines outside the security ropes, however they will not be allowed to participate.

Do you offer packages for band members that include party tickets?
No we do not presently offer packages. We are affiliated with several events for 2019 and will be promoting these events widely on our social media pages.

Why doesn’t Zulu International increase the size of the band or add more sections?
We are focused on delivering a premium product to our customers while providing them with a fun and safe environment to enjoy Kadooment day. It is important for us to maintain the quality of service that our revellers have grown to love.