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Meet The Man With The Moves: Uncle Ellis

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Meet The Man With The Moves: Uncle Ellis

Zulu Connect: Meet the man with the moves Uncle Ellis; joining Zulu International Inc. in Barbados for the Band Launch of Apocalypto; Crop Over 2016

Ellis Reid, affectionately known as Uncle Ellis to his fans and supporters, is a name that has left the shores of Trinidad & Tobago and travelled not just regionally, but internationally too. Team Zulu got a moment to catch up with Uncle Ellis before making his way to Barbados for our band launch this Friday.

1. What was your life like before becoming this new Internet sensation?
Before becoming famous internationally I was already well known in the Port-of-Spain area where I sold newspapers and danced on a daily basis. This opportunity opened the door to showcase my dancing from on the streets to stages in different countries.

2. How did the dancing start?
The dancing came about from my love of music and expressing myself through different genres. I started off in the Belmont area, where I would go to bars and different liming spots and just “free up”.

3. Is it strange that you’ve gone viral? That people know who you are, not just in Trinidad?
I know this would have happened because almost everyday Dion [my manager] would come and record my dancing for the internet. I knew he was very well known and talented when it came to that. He showed me the different videos and we would go through the comments and try coming up with different ideas (like songs to dance to).

4. Any plans to do more travelling on an international level?
Yes definitely. We received numerous calls for appearances in Canada, USA and London which we are currently working on. I’m already booked for St. Lucia, Grenada and Guyana later on in summer. So this year should be very interesting.

5. Where would you most like to travel?
Any country that I’ve never been to, I’m always glad to see. I also love beaches, so anywhere in the Caribbean is wonderful.

6. Team Zulu also chatted with Uncle Ellis’ manager, Dion Gomez and had to find out what it’s been like managing Uncle Ellis.
It’s been a great experience thus far, especially knowing that I’m also helping someone at the same time. For a long time I knew this fame would come his way and I’m glad that he trusted and believed in me to make big things happen. He’s a very humble individual and lots of blessings are still to come his way.

Zulu Connect: Meet the man with the moves Uncle Ellis; joining Zulu International Inc. in Barbados for the Band Launch of Apocalypto; Crop Over 2016

7. How excited are you for Zulu International Inc.’s band launch on Friday?
I’m very excited to see the Barbados as it’s my first time travelling out of Trinidad & Tobago. I’m gonna have the whole of Barbados rockin’ this Friday at the band launch.

8. What’s your favourite non-dance activity or hobby?
I’m not a big swimmer but I love the water, whether it’s the pool or beach I enjoy bathing in the shallow, LOL.

9. What’s your idea of relaxation?
My idea of relaxation is rocking back and watching movies. I do this a lot lately when I’m not dancing or making a video.

10. What’s planned for the future?
For the future, I’m working on my Uncle Ellis clothing line and I’m also working on collaborating with huge stars internationally from music, film and modelling. I also got something big for my fans later on this year and I’m going to continue to strive to reach higher. Thanks to all my fans worldwide for their continued support and encouragement to work harder.

Don’t forget, Uncle Ellis will be at Zulu’s band launch this Friday, April 22. Doors open at 9:00pm at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre. Tickets are available from TicketNation.bb or you can pay at the door.


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